• Ambition 8 Wood Burning Stove

    Sit back relax and enjoy your wood burning experience with a HETA Ambition 8. Featuring a larger glass for viewing the mesmerizing flames. HETA’s Clean Burn combustion controlled by a single lever, giving you superior control. Using only the best materials, the Ambition has a robust body and cast-iron door of the highest quality.

  • Heta Inspire 40 4.5kW multifuel stove

    The Heta Inspire 40 4.5kW multifuel stove, designed and built by Heta, one of Denmarks leading stove manufacturers. Offering exceptional clean burn performance, 81% efficiency, direct fresh air connection and a built-in reciprocating grate for multifuel use.

    A large cast iron door gives a wide uninterrupted view of the fire burning beautifully in the fire chamber and a single lever control ensures precision air control . Top or rear 130mm flue connection.

    Certified to EN13240 and Defra approved for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK and Ireland.

    The Inspire 40 is a premium quality stove and offers clean and modern styling and will look wonderful in any fireplace setting.

    Enamel door colour options are available.



  • Heta SCAN-LINE 100


    The Scan-Line 95/100 perfectly combines ultra-modern design with a panoramic view of the flames behind the wide glass front. Placed on a column, the large combustion chamber seems almost to float on air. The Scan-Line 95/100 can be supplied with an integrated swivel plinth so that you can spread the heat and mesmerising fire exactly where you want it.

    Using ground-breaking combustion technology, the stoves provide amazingly clean and vibrant combustion, no matter what kind of fuel you burn.


  • Heta Scan-Line 7D Pedestal Multifuel

    With its compact modern design, the Scan-Line 7 series is truly stunning, this model with curved sides gives it a modern look, with options for stone top and cladding on a fixed pedestal or a turnable pedestal allowing you to alter the direction of the front window.

  • Heta Scan-Line 850M on Pedestal Multifuel Stove

    Scan-Line 850 is environmentally friendly, beautiful and convenient all at the same time. This model with flat sides or with side windows mounted on a turnable pedestal.
  • Heta Scan-Line Panorama 6.5kW Inset Wood Stove

    Heta Panorama insert stoves are elegant and modern insets, providing an extraordinarily fine view of the fire. The glass front is extremely stylish. Onlookers get a distinct impression that they are looking at a work of art.

    Panorama insert stoves are simple to use. The beautiful and discrete integrated handle is convincing evidence of Panorama’s quality and convenience.

  • Heta-Scan-Line 900 Freestanding Woodburning Stove

    The Scan-Line 900 series is a stunning wood stove with sharp lines where nothing “disturbs” the eye. The exclusive set of handles that are hidden in the stove’s curves are designed for easy use and a unique silicone finish to keep them cool for your pleasure.

    Scan-Line 900 is no ordinary wood stove, with its impressive self-closing door, large glass and single air control, allowing you to enjoy the cozy flames in the large combustion chamber. The 900 is a modern wood stove with all the HETA tradition, an integrated fireplace toolset and a large 5-liter ash bucket is nestled in behind the lower door.

    With our selection of beautiful stones, you can make your stove a statement in your house like fine décor.

    Choose from one of four finishes like soapstone, blackwood, limestone and steel on your Scan-Line 900 with or without side windows.

    The option of a glass door is available for all models in this impressive series, giving HETA’s 900 series modern, stylish design an eloquent look in any home.