Heta SCAN-LINE 100


The Scan-Line 95/100 perfectly combines ultra-modern design with a panoramic view of the flames behind the wide glass front. Placed on a column, the large combustion chamber seems almost to float on air. The Scan-Line 95/100 can be supplied with an integrated swivel plinth so that you can spread the heat and mesmerising fire exactly where you want it.

Using ground-breaking combustion technology, the stoves provide amazingly clean and vibrant combustion, no matter what kind of fuel you burn.


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Model Heta Scan-Line 100 / Option
Measurements mm A: 151
B: 1019
C: 742 / 758
D: 433
H: 1007 / 1022
Floor to top outlet mm 883 / 901
Color black / grey
Nominal kW 9
Heat output kW 5-15
Est. room size m2 50-150
Outlet pip size Ø mm 150
Weight kg 169
Fuel volume kg 2,3
Combustion chamber width mm 808 / 730
Min. draught mbar 0,13
Distance to flammable materials mm
At the sides 250
Behind stove 100
Distance to furniture 1200
CO % / mg / Nm3 13% O2 0,1 / 1244
Efficiency % 81
Dustmeasurement NS3058 g/kg 2,68
Dustmeasurement EN13240 g/kg 12
Flu / gas g/sec 7,6
Flu / gas temperature Co 266
NOx mg / Nm2 13% O2 95
Approvals EN 13240 NS 3059 15a-BVG



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