• 54″ Wallace Polished Polar White

    54″ Wallace Polished Polar White Surround featured with an Alpen Cast Iron, honed granite hearth and the Mazona Crete inset stove.

    WIDTH (MM) 1372
    HEIGHT (MM) 1277
    DEPTH (MM) 238
  • Antoinette Marble Fireplace Surround

    The Antoinette Fireplace manages to seamlessly combine both classic and contemporary design. Key features include the waterfall tiered shelf, the waterfall breast plate and inner leg are unique to this beautifully designed fireplace.

  • Black Coal Shovel 4″

    Black Coal Shovel 4″

  • Black Fire Brush 18″

    Black Fire Brush 18″

  • Bordeaux Marble Fireplace Surround

    Bordeaux Marble Fireplace Surround is similar in design to the Lyon, although, it has a finer marble carcass thickness, allowing for an overall reduction in cost. The polar white material is a very clear and consistent white marble with no natural variations or veining. The clean lines and detailed shelf and legs make it ideal for all rooms.

  • Cabra Marble Fireplace Surround

    Perfectly at home in a modern setting as it is in a tradition room set. The Cabra has a sallow leg that is stepped out by a corbel leading into the full featured cross head. It stands up there with one of the many classic designs.

  • Chimney Cleaner Removes Tar & Creosote 750G


    • Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner Removes Tar & Creosote 750G
    • Can be used in all wood stoves
    • Suitable for use with all flues
    • Non-corrosive
    • Reduces risk of chimney fires
    • 750g
  • Coniston Fireplace


    • Available In:Ivory Pearl
    • Dimensions:Width: 54″ Height: 47″
  • Cruz Marble Fireplace Surround

    Cruz Marble Fireplace Surround – The plain clean cut lines make this ideal in both traditional and contemporary modern settings surrounding open fire cast iron inserts or to frame an inglenook stove chamber.

  • Darwin Marble Fireplace Surround

    The supremely elegant Darwin surround, with
    its clean, straight lines, lends a thoroughly
    contemporary air to this piece.

  • Estada Marble Fireplace Surround

    Estada Marble Fireplace Surround is based on an 18th century design of a simple and elegant form with curved profile legs, plain breast plate frieze and a generous triple shelf mantelpiece. This design is seen in chateaux and manor houses throughout France. The Estada is manufactured in Ivory Pearl marble to replicate the textured stone used in original designs but with a modern low maintenance finish.

  • Filled Curved Stove Hearth

    Dimensions mm A B C Material
    54 x 24 1372 457 610 BG
    54 x 30 1372 610 762 BG
    60 x 24 1524 420 610 BG
    60 x 30 1524 572 762 BG

    BG – Black Granite


    Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

  • Heat Resistant Firegloves


    • Heat Resistant Firegloves
  • Kos Marble Fireplace

    Polar White:  Resin based marble with a Pure white polished finish. (Please note it is common to find same black specks in the marble this is not a fault and considered normal)

    Ivory Cream: Resin based marble with a Ivory polished finish.

  • Leo Fireplace Surround


    Ivory Pearl, Alpine White,

  • Marseilles Marble Fireplace Surround

    The clean direct lines of the Marseilles give this
    fireplace a strong architectural form. Thoroughly
    modern while still maintaining a traditional essence,
    this fireplace will create an impressive focal point in a
    variety of interior settings. The Marseilles is available
    in two sizes & three distinct finishes.

  • Moisture Meter

    Description :
    Use the handy Valiant Moisture meter to ensure you get the best burn from your fuel. Our newest model not only has a backlight screen to illuminate the reading but the built-in colour change technology indicates the moisture level of the firewood. It’s an essential tool for any fireplace owner!

    Features :

    • Easy to use and read, even in poor light
    • Measure moisture content of wood fuels, structural timber and brickwork
    • Burning fully seasoned wood generates more heat, and reduces both chimney deposits and environmental pollution
    • Built-in colour change technology
    • Measure temperature in °C or °F
    • Low battery indicator
    • Complete with protective storage bag
    • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)


  • Naxos Marble Fireplace Surround

    Naxos Marble Fireplace Surround is one of the most popular classically inspired mantelpieces crafted in high quality Polished Polar White/Polished Luna Grey / Limestone and Ivory Pearl. This material is a very clear and consistent white marble with no natural variations or veining.

    Naxos Marble Fireplace Surround  have plain clean cut lines make this ideal in both traditional and contemporary modern settings surrounding open fire cast iron inserts or to frame an inglenook stove chamber.

  • Rosse Fireplace

    The Rosse Fireplace at Fitzgibbon Stoves and Fireplaces is an exceptionally crafted fireplace. This stunningly beautiful fireplace will instantly have guests in awe with its assertive beauty. This fireplace is an ideal way to make a clear statement of class in any home. We stock a wide range of cast iron inserts to compliment this fireplace and also granite hearths and insert.

    Width: 54”
    Height: 45″

    Available in: Marfil Stone, Ivory Pearl

  • Set OF 2 Kindle Coal Buckets

    Small €13.99

    Large €19.99.

    Set 2 Coal Buckets
    Small Diameter 8cm Hight 9cm
    Large Diameter 9.5cm hight 10.5

  • Tara Marble Fireplace Surround

    The Tara is derived design from the classic Georgian period. Classic and contemporary all in one.


    Plaza Polished Polar White Marble Fireplace Surround 54” / 60”




  • Bertoneri Hearth Extension Piece

    • 36″X14″ with 2″ Riser
    • Perfect for extending your existing hearth
  • Bertoneri Straight Stove Hearth


    • 54″X24″  With 2″ Riser
    • 60″x24″  With 2″ Riser
  • Bertoneri Angled Straight Stove Hearth


    • 36″X29″ With 2″ Riser
  • Bertoneri Curved Stove Hearth

    • 36″X24″  With 3″ Riser
    • 54″X24″  With 3″ Riser
    • 60″x24″  With 3″ Riser
    • 36″X29″ With 3″ Riser
    • 54″X26″ With 3″ Riser
    • 60″X26″ With 3″ Riser
  • Bertoneri Newbridge

    • Available In:Marfil Stone, Ivory Pearl, Spanish Cream
    • Dimensions:Marfil & Ivory (Width:60″ 66″ 70″ Height:54″) Spanish Cream (Width:70″ Height:57″)
  • Balmoral Fireplace

    • This natural stone fireplace

      Available in: Crema Fiore, Alpine White
      Dimensions: Width: 54”/ 60”, Height: 46”
      Inset: Polished Black Granite Back Panel & Hearth
      Available Natural Stone:
      Crema Fiore is a beautifully consistent warm colour based on Italian marble inspired by the Tuscan sunshine.

      Alpine White is a beautifully textured material bound to create an outstanding feature in any home.