Heta-Scan-Line 900 Freestanding Woodburning Stove

The Scan-Line 900 series is a stunning wood stove with sharp lines where nothing “disturbs” the eye. The exclusive set of handles that are hidden in the stove’s curves are designed for easy use and a unique silicone finish to keep them cool for your pleasure.

Scan-Line 900 is no ordinary wood stove, with its impressive self-closing door, large glass and single air control, allowing you to enjoy the cozy flames in the large combustion chamber. The 900 is a modern wood stove with all the HETA tradition, an integrated fireplace toolset and a large 5-liter ash bucket is nestled in behind the lower door.

With our selection of beautiful stones, you can make your stove a statement in your house like fine décor.

Choose from one of four finishes like soapstone, blackwood, limestone and steel on your Scan-Line 900 with or without side windows.

The option of a glass door is available for all models in this impressive series, giving HETA’s 900 series modern, stylish design an eloquent look in any home.

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Height: 1191 mm

Width: 515 mm
Depth: 421 mm
Square meters: 35-150 ㎡
Energy efficiency class: 

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