Custom cut stove glass

Our Service team cut stove glass for multifuel and woodburning stoves, where you give us the measurements of the piece of stove glass that you need and we cut it to size for you while you wait. We can only offer custom cut glass in square or rectangular pieces: we cannot custom cut stove glass with curved edges, stove glass in a funny shape, or curved and profiled stove glass. However we can order from the stove manufacturer.

Stove glass is the most frequently asked for spare part for a stove, whether it is multifuel or woodburning.. Often the glass on the stove has broken as the result of an accident: either something has hit the glass from the outside or the door of the stove has been closed, in the case of a woodburning stove; onto an oversize log, thus breaking the glass from the inside. Stove glass may also break if the clips that commonly hold the glass to the stove door are overly tightened. Even if the glass does not break at first, it may break when the stove heats up, because the door of the stove expands much more than the stove glass.

Glass Damage through Impurities

Occasionally glass in stove doors may also be damaged by burning wood/fuel with impurities in it, irrespective of whether you own a multifuel stove or a woodburning stove. Because the firebox gets very hot, chemicals in the firebox can become very corrosive. Even the steel in the firebox is corroded at a relatively fast rate by normal combustion gases.