• Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace

    The Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace is the perfect outdoor living feature for any garden, patio or terrace.

    This elegantly designed Morso Kamino fireplace will create a beautiful centrepiece for any outdoor living area. Impress your family and friends and keep the evening’s atmosphere warm and cosy.

    Made of cast iron, the Morso Kamino features a rotating body so the fireplace can be turned in relation to both the wind and your outdoor arrangement.


    Morsø Grill Forno is a multi-functional Grill, it has a wide opening to the fire pit which not only leaves a large room for cooking – it also provides greater view of the flames and, thus, contributes to a more congenial bonfire atmosphere.

    See how to use the Grill Forno for smoking: