There’s no need to sacrifice your style. The Morsø Swift is every inch a Morso but at a price you just wouldn’t think possible.

Built with all the quality and style you would expect from a world-renowned leader in stoves, the Swift allows you to specify an iconic name.

Thanks to its clean lines and compact frame, the Swift can transform the most ordinary of spaces. However, don’t let these modest proportions fool you into thinking that this stove won’t deliver on warmth. A true cast iron stove, this radiant burner is so strong and efficient it will keep you snug and warm on the coldest of nights.

If you’re looking for all the authenticity and economy of a Morso stove, then Swift has everything you could ever want and more.


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  • Rated output (kw) 4.5
  • Log length (cm) 28
  • Flue outlet, internal ø (mm) 125
  • Minimum internal flue ø (mm) 150
  • Weight (Kg) 70
  • Efficiency Net / Gross (%) 76 / 69
  • Height (mm) 546
  • Width (mm) 388
  • Depth (mm) 438
  • Leg Length (mm) 100


  • Top (mm) 500
  • Sides (mm) 600
  • Rear insulated flue (mm) 300
  • Rear un-insulated flue (mm)
  • 200
  • Soft furniture (mm) 700


Stove Type

Non-Boiler, Freestanding

Fuel Type


Output to Room


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