DRU 78CB Woodburning

DRU 78 CB is a large and impressive cast iron wood burning stove with a substantial 11 Kw heat output. It is designed for spacious properties, such as rural farm houses and expansive city apartments. Among its exclusive functions are an ‘air-wash’ system that keeps the window clear and soot free and a cool touch handle for safe operation.
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Stove Type


Fuel Type


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Brand DRU
Series DRU cast iron
Category Wood stoves
EcoDesign Ready
Energy efficiency class  A
Model Freestanding
Fire view Front
Shape  Horizontal
Fuel Wood
Combustion system  Combustion air from living area
Suitable for passive houses X
Glass window  Standard glass
Door type  Hinged door
Control Manual control
S-Thermatik NEO
Colours Anthracite
Material Cast iron
Interior  Vermiculite natural
Output net min. (kW) 9.0
Output net max. (kW) 13.0
Nominal heat output 11
Max. log length (cm) 50
Efficiency (%)  78.0
CO emission (%-13% O2) 0.09
Particulate Matter (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 15
OGC/CxHy (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 114
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 145
Built-in depth (mm) 590
Fire view width (mm)  490
Fire view height (mm)  305
Weight (kg)  245
Flue Top, Rear
Flue Ø (mm) 150