Romotop Stromboli Red Ceramics

Raised fire chamber placed on an elegant foot and rotating mechanism of STROMBOLI fireplace type stove allow radiating heat to be felt in all corners of the room.
  • Possibility to connect top venting.
  • Central air inlet.
  • Intake of secondary air, thanks to which the glass of the door is cleaned and therefore impurities do not settle on it.
  • Large glass door design is imprinted with a black frame.
  • Handle is comprehended in the door frame.
  • The base of the fireplace rotates on its own axis.

    Technical parameters

    Height 1074 mm
    Width 672 mm
    Depth 478 mm
    Weight 175 kg
    Regulated output 4.0-11.0 kW
    Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
    Central air intake diameter 120 mm
    Draught 10 Pa
    Efficiency 80 %
    Average wood consumption 2,6 kg/h

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