• Heta SCAN-LINE 100


    The Scan-Line 95/100 perfectly combines ultra-modern design with a panoramic view of the flames behind the wide glass front. Placed on a column, the large combustion chamber seems almost to float on air. The Scan-Line 95/100 can be supplied with an integrated swivel plinth so that you can spread the heat and mesmerising fire exactly where you want it.

    Using ground-breaking combustion technology, the stoves provide amazingly clean and vibrant combustion, no matter what kind of fuel you burn.


  • Lacunza Nickel 800 Double-Sided Woodburning Insert

    LACUNZA, is launching onto the market the NICKEL double-sided woodburning insert stove, with which you can enjoy the fire in different rooms at the same time.

    The new NICKEL fireplace stove comes with a novel double-sided design, the first of its kind produced by LACUNZA. This makes it highly decorative, offering greater vision of the fire and meaning it can be seen in different rooms. It also means big savings because, being double-sided, it can heat and decorate more than one space at a time.