• DRU 78CB Woodburning

    DRU 78 CB is a large and impressive cast iron wood burning stove with a substantial 11 Kw heat output. It is designed for spacious properties, such as rural farm houses and expansive city apartments. Among its exclusive functions are an ‘air-wash’ system that keeps the window clear and soot free and a cool touch handle for safe operation.
  • Montreal Fireplace

    Ivory Pearl Surround.

  • Rocal D-8 Wood Burning Stove

    The Rocal D-8 Wood Burning Stove is a contemporary wall mounted wood burning stove that is available in black.

    This designer wood stove boasts a large 13 kW heat output along with its beautiful large horizontal fire view that takes advantage of the flames from every angle, anywhere in the room. The view is truely emmersive.

    This fire wood burning stove takes a maximum of 45cm logs and has a 200mm flue.