Henley Skellig 10kW Boiler Stove Matt Black

The Skellig is a mid sized stove that is available in a boiler or non boiler option. The boiler model delivers 6kw of power to the water and 4kw to the room ensuring warm rooms and warm water throughout the year. The Skellig is the perfect choice for heating your water, radiators and your home. Like all Henley stoves it operates at a very high efficiency rate to heat your home.

  • Specifications
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  • Power – 10kW (34,140BTU)
  • Boiler Option – Yes
  • Power to water – 6kW (20,484BTU)
  • Power to room – 4kW (13,656BTU)
  • Finish – Cast Iron
  • Self Cleaning (airwash) – Yes
  • Flue Location – Top or Rear
  • Flue Size – 6”
Warranty AirwashCleanburnCE Approved




Stove Type

Boiler, Non-Boiler, Freestanding

Fuel Type


Output to Room


Output to Water


Colour & Finish

Black, Enamel Black