Hamco The Ree 9Kw

The middle stove of The Lough Collection, this medium sized stove is enough to heat any middle to large sized room, it has an arched door with polished handles and knobs that distinguishes the Lough collection.

  • Specifications
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  • Attractive cast iron construction
  • Retains heat long after fire has expired
  • Powerful airwash system for cleaner glass
  • Optional top or rear flute outlet
  • Ability to burn either wood or solid fuel
  • External riddling system


  • Fuel Wood & Solid fuel
  • Heat output Max 9Kw
  • Weight  130Kg
  • Flue Diameter  150mm inside
  • Max log size  34cm
  • Efficency  76.0%


Stove Type

Non-Boiler, Freestanding

Fuel Type


Output to Room