Morso 3610 – Radiant Wood Stove

A Classic American Wood Stove but with a Scandinavian Twist!

Developed specifically for the North American market, Morsø the 3610 is the largest Morsø stove in the line. Capable of taking a 24″ log the 3610 is a serious heater and produces up to 60,000 Btu/hr; and depending upon climate zone and the home’s insulation rating it can heat living spaces up to 2,400 sq ft.

The classic design makes the Morso 3610 suitable for almost any style of home and being a real workhorse it is ideal for large open-plan spaces with cathedral ceilings as well as medium-sized open plan homes.

The stove is easily controlled using a simple single-handed lever conveniently located at the front of the stove. The wide double doors are fitted with extra-large glass panels that are fully air-washed to provide an excellent, clean view of the fire.

Wood can be loaded into the Morsø 3610 stove either through the front doors or the easy-access side loading door. For added convenience the Morsø 3610 has two ash pans for easy ash removal, no more shoveling!

Installation of the Morsø 3610 is versatile and flexible with a reversible 6” flue collar, standard rear and bottom heat shields, and an optional outside air kit.

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Outside air kit –

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