Lotus 570 T L Double Sided Insert Wood Burning

If you want to enjoy the dancing flames from several sides, the H570 T is the right choice for you. The double insert with glass on both sides creates a natural connection between the rooms of the home. Naturally, you will be able to operate the stove from both sides, whether you want to regulate the combustion air or add more wood. The H570T is available with a black or grey steel front, stainless, as well the unique Magic edition with its mirrored glass.


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Technical data

Height 654mm
Width 756mm
Depth 590mm
Cmimney Flue 12 Pa
Normal Effect 6kw
Operating Area 4-9kw
Room Size 30-130m²
Particle Emmisions 29
Consumption PH 2kg
Efficiency 81%
Fire Chamber Width 51 cm