Lacunza Nickel 800 Double-Sided Woodburning Insert

LACUNZA, is launching onto the market the NICKEL double-sided woodburning insert stove, with which you can enjoy the fire in different rooms at the same time.

The new NICKEL fireplace stove comes with a novel double-sided design, the first of its kind produced by LACUNZA. This makes it highly decorative, offering greater vision of the fire and meaning it can be seen in different rooms. It also means big savings because, being double-sided, it can heat and decorate more than one space at a time.

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High performance

The stove has a primary air intake for fast lighting and a secondary air intake which helps keep the glass remarkably clean. Thanks to Easy Fire Control technology, it is possible to regulate both optimum combustion and the appliance cleaning function using a single control.

It also has other Technological Innovations, like its External Air Inlet , a ductable-air system which takes air from outside the home for combustion and reduces consumption, Perfect Combustion, optimal burning technology which makes combustion highly efficient, Extra Clean Glass, a novel system which draws external air onto the glass to keep it clean longer, and Cleaning Access to de-soot the insert with ease.


NICKEL is available in three sizes, with sleek stainless-steel finishes and a vermiculite interior with double deflector made of steel. Vermiculite provides outstanding insulation, is very hardwearing and attractive, and weighs next to nothing. And the type LACUNZA uses is particularly dense and thick, and is fitted using smaller panels so that, if used properly, it will not break or crack.

The NICKEL woodburning insert stove can heat more than 150 m2, has a nominal heat output of 17 kW, an efficiency of 80% and low CO emissions (0.12%), figures varying depending on the size of the appliance.



Fuel Type


Stove Type

Insert, Double-Sided

Output to Room




Heat output range 11-20 kW
Nominal heat output 15 kW
Efficiency 76%
Emissions CO 0,10 %
Heating volume 333 m3
Heating area 133 m2
Weight 130 kg
Flue socket ø200 mm
Firewood measure 65 cm


W800 H595 D510
H654 W310 D310