Henley Druid 12kW Boiler

The Druid 12kW Room Heater Stove

The new Druid 12kW room Boiler is the newest sleek stove in the Henley Boiler stove range. This stove will subtly blend into any room interior and provide comfort of heat to the room. It provides efficiencies of up to 76% and is fitted with the latest cleanburn technology.  Also available in non Boiler Model.

  • Specifications
  • Additional information
  • Power – 12kW (40,968BTU)
  • Power to Water – 8kW (27,312BTU)
  • Power to Room – 4kW (13,656BTU)
  • Boiler – Yes
  • Finish – Steel Body with Cast Iron door
  • Self Cleaning (airwash) – Yes
  • Flue Location – Top or Rear
  • Flue Size – 6”
Colour Choice
WarrantyAirwashCleanburnCE Approved

The Druid Stove



Stove Type

Boiler, Freestanding

Fuel Type


Output to Room


Output to Water


Colour & Finish

Almond, Black, Green Illusion, Honeycomb Brown, Parrot Blue, Pewter, Shimmering Rose