Contura Fireplace Insert i40

Create your own fireplace with a high quality insert and generous expanse of glass. The Contura i40 fireplace insert with an angled guillotine door gives you new options to create a unique fireplace. The large expanse of angled glass shows a lot of the fire. The generous glass area and our Clean Burning System means that you see the maximum amount of fire.

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Features & Accessories

  • Colour Black
  • Black insert with wide screen
  • Corner glass installed left or right side
  • Adjustable feet
  • Powerstone heat tank available
  • Can be connected to an outside air inlet for more efficient combustion

Technical Overview

  • Energy Performance 
  • Output – 5-10 kW
  • Efficiency – 80%
  • Height – 1250-1270 mm
  • Width – 810 mm
  • Depth – 425 mm
  • Weight – 145 kg
  • Wood length – 50 cm




Stove Type


Fuel Type


Output to Room


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