• Fireplace Insert Contura i10 with straight door

    The impressive insert can take logs of up to 50 cm in length and has an efficiency rate of 81 %. Make your own surround or choose our ready made modules.

  • Stovax Stockton 14HB Wood Burning Boiler Stove

    The Stockton 14HB is the largest boiler stove in the range. The Stockton 14HB is a really decent sized boiler stove which can put out a lot of heat: 15kW to water and 7kW to the room at nominal output, which means that maximum output is around 20% over this.

  • Henley The Blasket 21kW Stove

    The Blasket Stove is a powerhouse of a stove, delivering 21kW of power to meet even the most demanding of home owners. Available in matt black cast iron or in brown/ black enamel. Its’ output of 15kW to the water means that you can rest assured that it will meet even the most demanding of central heating requirements, while still delivering 6kW of heat to your room. Its integrated thermostat and control allows precision control over your heating and hot water requirements making the Blasket stove the ultimate choice for home heating. Like all in the Island Collection, this stove can burn all solid fuels and features airwash and cleanburn technology.