• Dielle Round 50/70/100 Up Pellet Stove

    Dielle has developed and patented a combustion system that is unique. In a Dielle stove the pellets are fed into the burner from below by means of stainless steel screws controlled by a microprocessor which avoids any clogging issues and promotes constant and uniform combustion over time. As a result of this innovative system feeing the fuel from below Dielle stoves make it possible to obtain a stable, more natural flame comparable to that of a traditional wood burning stove.

  • Hota Ares 6kw Insert Stove With Dark Glass Front

    This contemporary glass finish is a modern twist on our best-selling cassette stoves and is a superb compliment to many of the fireplaces.

  • Nordica Finn Pellet C/W Feet Stove

    The Finn pellet air stove is a compact, low pellet air stove, with a strong and sturdy appearance. This stove fits perfectly in a niche or existing fireplace due to its small size.

  • Vitae 6kW Cassette Stove

    Vitae Cassette Stoves have been designed to create a stunning focal point in any room. They incorporate the latest technology that ensures they burn fuel with superior efficiency. So, as well as the attractive contemporary design, your Heat Design cassette stove will mean lower fuel costs, as more heat is delivered into your room.

    Models Available include the 6kW, 9kW & 11kW Glass Fronted and 5kW & 8kW Landscape Stoves.