• Henley Thames 4.5kw Slimline

    The Thames 4.5kW multi fuel stove was designed specifically to fit under a standard 16″ fireplace opening. It is ideal for those awkward cast iron canopies or if you do not have much space on your hearth. Manufactured from steel with a cast iron door this stove boasts an efficiency of 79%

  • Henley Thames 8kw Slimline

    Thames 8kw Room Heater

    The new Thames room heater stove is the newest addition of the Henley Stoves range for the 2014 heating season. The Thames stove is very unique as it is a slimline model which means it can fit on to a standard 18″ hearth compared to other stoves.

  • Heta Inspire 40 4.5kW multifuel stove

    The Heta Inspire 40 4.5kW multifuel stove, designed and built by Heta, one of Denmarks leading stove manufacturers. Offering exceptional clean burn performance, 81% efficiency, direct fresh air connection and a built-in reciprocating grate for multifuel use.

    A large cast iron door gives a wide uninterrupted view of the fire burning beautifully in the fire chamber and a single lever control ensures precision air control . Top or rear 130mm flue connection.

    Certified to EN13240 and Defra approved for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK and Ireland.

    The Inspire 40 is a premium quality stove and offers clean and modern styling and will look wonderful in any fireplace setting.

    Enamel door colour options are available.



  • WIKING Mini 2 with long legs Wood Burning

    WIKING Mini 2, the newest and to date smallest member of the family.

    WIKING Mini 2 offers three beautiful variants – two on legs in different heights and one on a plinth.

    Even though the WIKING Mini 2 is the smaller than our other WIKING-models, we have made no compromise on either burn technique, quality or environmental standards


  • MORSO 1000 SWIFT

    There’s no need to sacrifice your style. The Morsø Swift is every inch a Morso but at a price you just wouldn’t think possible.

    Built with all the quality and style you would expect from a world-renowned leader in stoves, the Swift allows you to specify an iconic name.

    Thanks to its clean lines and compact frame, the Swift can transform the most ordinary of spaces. However, don’t let these modest proportions fool you into thinking that this stove won’t deliver on warmth. A true cast iron stove, this radiant burner is so strong and efficient it will keep you snug and warm on the coldest of nights.

    If you’re looking for all the authenticity and economy of a Morso stove, then Swift has everything you could ever want and more.