• Olymberyl Aidan Boiler Stove

    The Olymberyl Aidan Multifuel Boiler Stove  for a stove of this size – and there aren’t that many much bigger – it represents exceptional value for money with outstanding performance.

    It can easily heat between 10-12 radiators (depending on size).

    • EN13240 CE Approved
      5 years guarantee on body work and boiler
      Clean Burn technology including Secondary Burn for improved efficiency
      Air Wash System for cleaner glass
      External ash riddler
      Separate ash pan chamber for easier ash removal
      Insulated fire box to increase performance
      Safe Overnight Burn for quick starts on cold mornings
      Tertiary Air System with adjustable thermostat for efficient control
  • Boru Chieftain Insert Boiler Stove

    The Chieftain insert boiler stoves are a class leader when it comes to boiler stoves. They have the highest output available for a standard opening add that with its style and you know you are onto a winner. The Chieftain heats up to 12 single radiators and the hot water and gives a max of 2kw to the room.