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Guide to help you choose the right stove

Wood Burning Stove

  • cheaper: very cost effective if you have access to your own wood supply
  • green: low carbon option makes it more environmentally friendly

Multi Fuel Stove

  • flexibility: not limited to one fuel type, allowing you variety. This means that you can alternate the fuels you use and pay less depending on their peak season
  • convenient: it’s easier to maintain heat and burn longer if you add coal to wood

Which Brand Should I Choose?

When researching wood burning and multifuel stoves, Ryan Stoves have years of experience to help choose the correct brand for you.

Popular brands include; Arada, Aarrow, Boru, Charnwood, Contura, Dimplex, Esse, Henley, Morso, Stovax, Waterford Stanley, Vermont.

What is kW? 

  • kW stands for kilowattand is used to measure heat output
  • This is sometimes calculated in BTU’s or British Thermal Units. The only difference is that kW is calculated using metres whereas BTU uses feet 
  • The kW amount depends on the size of the room, level of insulation and how many doors/windows there are in the room
  • For a comfortable temperature, you will need approximately 1 Kw of heat for every 14 cubic meters of space – this will give you a general estimate of the output needed to heat your room
  • Ryan Stoves can estimate the number of kW needed to heat your room.

Steel or Iron Cast Stove?

Boiler Stoves

What does it do?

A boiler stove transfers heat from the burning wood or other fuel into water, which can then be piped to wherever it is needed and used for heating or domestic hot water


  1. solid fuel is relatively stable price wise and not affected by the fluctuations in gas or oil costs
  2. provides an alternative to a gas or oil fired central heating system
  3. allows flexibility by having a dual heating system where you can alternate between using your gas/oil central heating system and your stove
  4. a boiler stove is a cosy focal point in any room


  1. it’s not always possible to connect a stove to a back boiler due to the location of pipes
  2. a boiler stove needs to be fitted by a professional plumber and can be costly to install
  3. unlike a gas/oil boiler, a stove boiler takes time to come to the correct temperature
  4. stove boilers may be heating rooms in the house which are not being used
  5. to keep a stove burning, you must put fuel into it manually

Freestanding / Insert / Double Sided

  • Freestanding: this stove is portable and requires minimal space in a room. It also provide optimum heating value compared to all other stoves.
  • Insert Stove: this is fitted into an open fireplace. An insert stove is more efficient than your average fire, which loses a substantial percentage of its heat up the chimney.
  • Doubled sided stove: stoves with two openings can create a focal point and source of heat for two rooms simultaneously

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