Some Handy Tips to Keep Your Stove Lasting Longer

  1. Do not burn fuel with high moisture content, such as a damp peat or unseasoned timber. This will only result in a build up of tar in the stove and in the chimney.
  2. Burning soft fuels such as timber and peat can stain the glass. Regular cleaning will prevent permanent staining.
  3. Do not burn rubbish/household plastic.
  4. Clean the flue ways of the stove every month and ensure there no blockages. Please refer to your manual for instructions as they vary from stove to stove.
  5. Clean the chimney at least twice a year.
  6. Before loading fresh fuel into the firebox, riddle fully to remove all ashes this will allow better and cleaner burning.
  7. Never allow a build up of ashes in the ash pan, as this will cause the grate to burn out prematurely.
  8. Allow adequate air ventilation to ensure plenty of air for combustion.