Refreshing the Paint Finish on a Matt Black Stove

Paint for refreshing your stove can bought in either tin (for brushing on) or aerosol form through your local stove dealer.
Preparing the Area

  • Brush down the area of cast iron to be sprayed using a Grade 1 Steel Wool ensuring that an even coat remains on the surface.
  • Apply the paint evenly over the surface to be painted, depending on the condition of the original paint it maybe required to coat 2 to 3 times, do not paint on thick coats and allow to dry between coats. Allow the paint to fully dry overnight. When firing the stove for the first time subsequent to applying the paint, open a window as the paint will give off a smell as it cures during the first firing.

Note: You only need to use a dry cloth on your matt black stove to remove any dust or dirt. Do not use any water on the matt black finish as this will cause it to rust.