• Antoinette Marble Fireplace Surround

    The Antoinette Fireplace manages to seamlessly combine both classic and contemporary design. Key features include the waterfall tiered shelf, the waterfall breast plate and inner leg are unique to this beautifully designed fireplace.

  • Bordeaux Marble Fireplace Surround

    Bordeaux Marble Fireplace Surround is similar in design to the Lyon, although, it has a finer marble carcass thickness, allowing for an overall reduction in cost. The polar white material is a very clear and consistent white marble with no natural variations or veining. The clean lines and detailed shelf and legs make it ideal for all rooms.

  • Cabra Marble Fireplace Surround

    Perfectly at home in a modern setting as it is in a tradition room set. The Cabra has a sallow leg that is stepped out by a corbel leading into the full featured cross head. It stands up there with one of the many classic designs.