• Cabra Marble Fireplace Surround

    Perfectly at home in a modern setting as it is in a tradition room set. The Cabra has a sallow leg that is stepped out by a corbel leading into the full featured cross head. It stands up there with one of the many classic designs.

  • Estada Marble Fireplace Surround

    Estada Marble Fireplace Surround is based on an 18th century design of a simple and elegant form with curved profile legs, plain breast plate frieze and a generous triple shelf mantelpiece. This design is seen in chateaux and manor houses throughout France. The Estada is manufactured in Ivory Pearl marble to replicate the textured stone used in original designs but with a modern low maintenance finish.

  • Kos Marble Fireplace

    Polar White:  Resin based marble with a Pure white polished finish. (Please note it is common to find same black specks in the marble this is not a fault and considered normal)

    Ivory Cream: Resin based marble with a Ivory polished finish.

  • Tara Marble Fireplace Surround

    The Tara is derived design from the classic Georgian period. Classic and contemporary all in one.