Our Parkway Store is Closed Saturday the 13th of July. We regret any inconvenience caused.
Our Parkway Store is Closed Saturday the 13th of July. We regret any inconvenience caused.
  • Mazona Ashford 8kW Stove

    The Mazona Ashford Eco 8kW Freestanding Stove is a versatile and efficient choice that you can choose to use as a wood burner or fuel with smokeless solid coal.

    Featuring a traditional design, decorative legs and a beautiful detailing on the cast iron door are complimented by the matte black handle.

    The stove can easily be installed in an existing fireplace or as a freestanding unit. With an impressive 79.4% efficiency and an EEI class A rating, the stove also comes direct air ready which is perfect if you are installing in a passive, air tight home.

    As with all gr8fires stoves the Bedford is eco-design compliant and DEFRA approved so can be installed if you live in a smoke control area.

  • MAZONA Ashford Eco Multifuel Insert Stove 5Kw

    Brand new for the 2023/24 season the Ashford Eco 5 is a multi fuel freestanding stove that meets eco design
    standards. Decorative legs and a bevelled cast iron door are accompanied by a portrait glass panel giving an
    uninterrupted view of the flame picture.


    Brand new to the Mazona range of stoves is the Mazona Bray 400 Cassette stove. Sleek and modern in its design, the Bray is made to fit into a standard 16” x 22” fireplace opening as well as being Ecodesign Ready for 2022.

  • Mazona Eco Callan 5KW Pedestal Stove

    Introducing the Mazona Callan Stove, the epitome of modern heating technology designed for the contemporary home. Available in two distinct models, the Callan stove meets the needs of diverse interior aesthetics and functionality. Each model is crafted for freestanding installation, offering a seamless blend of form and function.


  • Mazona Eco Glencara 5KW Multi Fuel

    -Ecodesign Ready to 2022 standards
    – Multi-fuel – can be used with wood and smokeless fuel
    – Smoke Exempt
    – Suitable for burning wood in smokeless areas
    – High quality steel stove
    – 5 Year stove body warranty
    -1 Year Warranty on parts
    – Airwash system to keep glass crystal clean
    – Easy to operate discreet controls

  • Mazona Eco Orka 5KW WoodBurning Stove

    Introducing the Mazona Orka 5kW, the latest addition to the esteemed Mazona range. This stove stands out not only for its superior efficiency but also for its distinctive retro aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking a unique focal point in their homes. Whether nestled within a traditional fireplace or standing proudly as a freestanding piece, the Orka 5kW brings warmth and style to any setting.


  • MAZONA Kinsale Eco 400 Inset Multi Fuel Stove 5Kw

    The Mazona Kinsale 400 5kW Cassette Stove is a popular heating appliance known for its efficient performance and sleek design.

    Here are some key features and information about the Mazona Kinsale 400:

    • Heat output: The stove has a heat output of 5 kilowatts, making it suitable for heating small to medium-sized rooms.
    • Cassette design: The cassette design allows for easy installation and integration into an existing fireplace or chimney breast.
    • Multi-fuel capability: The Kinsale 400 is a multi-fuel stove, meaning it can burn both wood and solid fuels, offering flexibility in fuel options.
    • Airwash system: This stove is equipped with an airwash system that helps keep the glass clean by directing a flow of air across the surface, reducing the build-up of soot and ensuring a clear view of the flames.
    • Efficient combustion: The stove is designed to provide efficient and effective combustion, maximizing heat output while minimizing emissions.
    • Robust construction: The Mazona Kinsale 400 is built with durability in mind, featuring a sturdy construction and high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.
  • Mazona Newport 5 kW SE Multi Fuel

    The Mazona Stove Range is a popular and affordable choice, for an economical, quality built product to last. each stove features a stunning view of the fire, whilst glass is kept clear by being continually swept clear of combustion deposits by a powerful airwash system.

    With outputs optimised to suit most home requirements, Mazona stoves offer warmth, Character and reliability for each home.

    The entire range is ‘Multi Fuel’ and Mazona feature smoke exempt products which allow you to burn wood in smoke controlled zones

  • Mazona Portland 5 KW or 7KW

    • Perfect to convert an open fire stove, the Portland 5 inset will give you more control of your fire as well as burning fuel more efficiently and still giving you the cosy feeling of a real fire.

      • Solid Fuel Burning
      • Wood Burning
      • Smoke Exempt

    Available in Matt Black, Enamel Black,  Enamel Cream

  • MAZONA Wicklow Eco 4Kw Stove Matt Black

    With a narrow design the efficient eco design Wicklow 4.1kW is a compact stove with a traditional aesthetic. An arched front glass panel is accompanied by a polished brass handle and air control knobs ensuring the design of the stove really stands out.

    • Solid Fuel Burning
    • Wood Burning
    • Smoke Exempt
    • 5-year warranty
    • Direct air system
    • Eco design
  • Mazona Wicklow Eco 5kw

    • Features
      Ecodesign Ready For 2022. Suitable
      for burning smokeless coal and dry
      seasoned wood. Features a 5-year body
      guarantee and Smoke Exempt.
      Top and rear flue outlet
      Freestanding stove
      Optional Extra: Direct Air Compatible
  • Mazona Wicklow Eco 8kw

    The new Mazona Wicklow 5kw Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove is Eco Design Ready 2022. Introducing the largest model in the brand new Mazona Warwick collection of stoves, the Warwick 8. With an incredible 8 kW output, this stove is a striking feature for any living area, providing exceptional heat and style. With a 5 year stove body warranty, this high quality steel stove can be burned in smoke control areas and is Ecodesign Ready for 2022 regulations. With a quality steel body and contemporary design, this stove will be the perfect feature to make any house a home. Multi-fuel; suitable for burning dry, seasoned wood and smokeless fuel: [1] Smoke Exempt / DEFRA Approved [2] Suitable for burning wood in Smokeless areas [3] High quality steel stove body [4] 5 Year stove body warranty [5] 1 Year Warranty on Bottom grate, baffle plate riddling bars, front bars, ashpan and handle [6] Airwash system to keep glass crystal clean [7] Easy to operate discreet controls