• Pellet stove Duroflame Carré

    • Vermiculite lining in combustion chamber for better combustion
    • Cast-iron burner pot for a more beautiful fire view
    • Super simple operation: “Easy control” with a rotary knob;
    • Whisper-quiet: no convection fan and “Silent shut down” feature
  • Pellet stove Duroflame Rembrand

    Small, quiet and still very comfortable: with its subtle presence, the Duroflame Rembrand manages to heat almost every space effortlessly. With a height of just 60 cm, this charming and sustainable heat source is one of the smallest pellet stoves available. This makes the Rembrand very suitable for small spaces where you don’t want your stove to be too obvious, but where you do want to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a pellet stove.