• Bertoneri Emma Fireplace

    The Emma Fireplace is a  beautifully simple fireplace. The beautiful finish of the marfil stone or black granite will make this beautiful fireplace a must for any home. We stock a wide range of cast iron inserts to compliment this fireplace and also granite hearths and insert.

  • Cruz Mocha Beige

    The Cruz Mocha Beige Fireplace with Black Granite Infill and Black Granite Heart

  • Swinford Fireplace

    A classically timeless fireplace. Drawing inspiration from 16th Century stone masonry, the Swinford design provides for a beautifully proportioned fireplace. The benefits of the materials are manifold, here clever construction techniques give the appearance of components being carved from solid stone. In fact by building the unit from individual pieces, we are able to offer what is traditionally an extremely expensive design, at very affordable prices.

  • Bertoneri Hearth Extension Piece

    • 36″X14″ with 2″ Riser
    • Perfect for extending your existing hearth
  • Bertoneri Straight Stove Hearth


    • 54″X24″  With 2″ Riser
    • 60″x24″  With 2″ Riser
  • Bertoneri Angled Straight Stove Hearth


    • 36″X29″ With 2″ Riser
  • Bertoneri Curved Stove Hearth

    • 36″X24″  With 3″ Riser
    • 54″X24″  With 3″ Riser
    • 60″x24″  With 3″ Riser
    • 36″X29″ With 3″ Riser
    • 54″X26″ With 3″ Riser
    • 60″X26″ With 3″ Riser
  • Bertoneri Newbridge

    • Available In:Marfil Stone, Ivory Pearl, Spanish Cream
    • Dimensions:Marfil & Ivory (Width:60″ 66″ 70″ Height:54″) Spanish Cream (Width:70″ Height:57″)
  • Bertoneri Dublin Corbel

    • Available In:Marfil Stone, Ivory Pearl, Black Granite, Spanish Cream
    • Dimensions:Width: 54″ 60″ Height: 49″
  • Balmoral Fireplace

    • This natural stone fireplace

      Available in: Crema Fiore, Alpine White
      Dimensions: Width: 54”/ 60”, Height: 46”
      Inset: Polished Black Granite Back Panel & Hearth
      Available Natural Stone:
      Crema Fiore is a beautifully consistent warm colour based on Italian marble inspired by the Tuscan sunshine.

      Alpine White is a beautifully textured material bound to create an outstanding feature in any home.

  • Kildare

    • Available In:Marfil Stone, Black Granite
    • Dimensions:Width: 54″ Height: 48″
  • Bertoneri Wexford

    • Available In:Marfil Stone, Ivory Pearl
    • Dimensions:Width: 54″ 57″ Height: 52″