• Artel Mini 5.S Pellet Stove

    The new product of the year is MINI5, a stove with a compact and minimal design, embellished with wooden feet and “magic” glass. Thanks to the display settings that manage total operation, this stove adapts perfectly to the modern lifestyle. Suitable for all environments, MINI5 maintains the ecological and energy saving standards that have long distinguished Artel group

  • Artel Petit Pellet

    This wood pellet stove that has a heat output of 5.5 kW and will heat a large space up to 90 cubic metres and has a height of only 765 mm.

    This allows the stove to fit within most conventional fireplace openings although some space above it will be needed to fill the pellet hopper from the top.
    Colours available are  Burgundy Black  Brown

  • Artel Petite 6 Pellet Stove

    This stove was created to be positioned in rooms with limited spaces: its small size and modern design make it perfect for any type of environment. Stainless steel covers the compact structure of the stove which adapts perfectly to any style of home, becoming a design object in itself. The optional “Wi-fi ” allows you to control the stove from a remote location.
  • Causeway 60″ Fireplace

    Marble Surround available in Ivory Pearl or Alpine White


    Woodpellet Stoves – Cheapest Fuel Source Available!

    – Running Cost from €0.16 per hour.
    – 7-Day Programmable Timer.
    – Automatic Ignition
    – Built in Fuel Store for up to 15hrs continuous Heat.
    – Empty Ash only once a month.
    – Ceramic Finished Stove

    Can be Installed with or without a Traditional Chimney.