• Invicta Aaron Double Sided 12kw Cast Iron Wood Stove

    This Invicta Aaron double sided wood burning stove has an expansive ceramic glass at the front and back, making it ideal for central placement, and also giving you a truly panoramic view of your dancing fire. A considerable 12kW output means this stove is not just a pretty face. Invicta are a stove manufacturers based in France, combining traditional methods with modern design, their state of the art stoves will revolutionise your home.



    The Invicta Bradford is a classically designed stove on high legs that comes in a variety of enamelled finishes. Like the other Invicta stoves the Bradford is made of cast iron and is a woodburner.

  • Invicta Modena 12 kW Wood Burning Stove

    The Modena is a classic, gently rounded, yet traditionally styled stove with a wide airwashed window. The Modena stove is a good combination of traditional and contemporary design, making it suited to many styles of room. The Modena stove is suited to the medium to large room and is available in a variety of enamelled colours: grey, red or ivory. The Modena is a 70% efficient woodburning stove which can take long logs up to 550mm in length. It can provide a good range of heat from 6.5kW up to around 15kW if needed.