• Dimplex OptiMyst Faber E-Matrix 800/650 I

    The wonderful feel of a burning log fire. The place where you can relax, meet, recharge your batteries and share. When a gas fire or wood stove is impossible or undesirable, or for those who prefer “individual design” and specific choices, Faber has the new e-MatriX; Astonishing fire… from water. Fire for anybody, anywhere.

  • faber e-Box 1000-450 ST

    For fire lovers looking for the essence of an electric Faber fireplace but who appreciate the excellent price-quality ratio. Fascinating flames from rising cold water mist and low-energy LED lights, without the need for gas or a chimney. Your choice of interior decoration, including remote control and secondary electric heating. An alternative for the future, or for locations where a built-in gas fire or wood fire is not possible or desirable. Available in the standard dimension of 1000/450, in this see-through model or a front model.

  • Faber e-MatriX 800-500 ST

    The new, electric e-MatriX fires are exactly what you would expect from a fire and they’re electric. Built in to your style, even where a gas fire or a wood fire is impossible. Of course you can enjoy the typical Faber flame effect. The fire and sound created by water mist and electricity. You don’t need a gas connection or a flue. This makes the new e-MatriX stylish, sustainable and smart.

    • A beautiful Faber fire to your personal taste and interior design requirements.
    • With the e-MatriX Burner you can enjoy a playful, three-dimensional flame effect that moves up from a glowing bed of ash between the logs.
    • An ultra-thin flexible water hose and a regular socket are all you need for the connection.
    • The fire can be built in with the glass flush against the surround.
  • Valley Fire Place Surround

    One of Bertoneri’s newest, continental influenced designs. With curved legs, plain frieze & large
    mantel shelf. Shown on opposite page with polished black
    granite hearth.