• Ecoforest Air Pellet Stove Eco Mini Insert

    The pellet stove Eco Mini Insert is the new generation of our insertable pellet stove with lower power, the main changes made have been in a renewal of its design while maintaining the classic line of this model that fits perfectly to those facilities with old wood fireplaces and an improvement in the software for higher performance.

    With this pellet stove you will be able to take advantage of the hollow of the old wood fireplace and get the most out of it by heating the whole room and achieving great savings and comfort.

  • Ecoforest Creta Air Pellet Stove

    The Creta model has the same specifications of Ecoforest top of the range stoves, ideal for passive houses and buildings. This pellet stove is Airtight.

  • Ecoforest Lyon Air Pellet Stove

    At Ecoforest we have developes round models to meet market demands for new designs.

    This model of pellet stove is the smallest of the range, being perfect for installations with small heating demands. It is also airtight, which makes it the ideal choice for installations in passive houses and houses in rural areas.