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Stove Tips

As autumn leaves start to fall and the chill of winter looms, it’s time to think about heating our homes. More and more people are turning to multi-fuel stoves as a cost-effective heating solution, as they burn inexpensive fuels like smokeless coal, seasoned peat briquettes and eco-friendly dried wood.

Some useful tips:

  1. Make sure you ask a professional to clean your chimney/flue before installation. Clean your chimney at least once per year, particularly prior to reusing your open fire or stove.
  2. Consider the style of stove that you prefer.
  3. If you are considering burning wood make sure you have a plentiful supply. Consider the environment and use wood from a recyclable source.
  4. Fuel should be fully dry for maximum efficiency.
  5. When placing fresh fuel into your stove’s firebox, cautiously open the door, as air rushing in can cause smoke to leave the chamber; riddle the grate to reduce ash build up, and place the new fuel on top of the embers.
  6. Avoid allowing a build-up of ashes in the ash pan; doing so will result in the grate burning out prematurely.
  7. It is a requirement that adequate ventilation is provided to ensure plenty of air for combustion; if a vent does not exist in the room where the stove is being installed, one must be provided.
  8. Never burn rubbish, household waste or plastic in your stove.

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