DRU 55MF Black Enamel Only

The DRU55CB/MF is available in Clean Burning (CB) and Multi Fuel (MF) variants, making it ideal for burning wood (CB), ordinary wood, brown coal, coal, anthracite and multi-calibre (MF).

This stove comes in a range of enamel colours.

  • Specifications
  • Additional information
  • Brand DRU
    Model Freestanding
    Fuel Wood
    Output (kW) 8.0 kW
    Combustion system Open/closed
    Efficiency 80%
    Interior finish Glossy natural
    Front colours Anthrcite, enamel: ivory, charcoal, majolica brown
    Burner –
    Fire-view Front
    Controls Manual
    Comments Equipped with outdoor air supply connection (= closed combustion).





Stove Type

Non-Boiler, Freestanding

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