Stovax Riva 66 Avanti


Sharing exactly the same firebox features as the standard Stovax Riva™ 66 inset fire, the wood burning and multi-fuel Riva 66 Avanti differs only by its more contemporary styling – offering a design statement in its own right.

Available in a complete Jet Black Metallic finish or with a Storm Metallic Door combined with Jet Black panels. The door handle locates on the right and may be removed after refuelling. The controls are discreetly positioned under the door so all you see are the crisp, clean lines of the Avanti surrounding a swirling picture of flames.

If you are considering burning smokeless fuel then a cast iron, smokeless fuel ‘reducing’ kit is required. This allows you to load less fuel into the firebox and obtain even greater heating economy (plus you can still burn wood with equal efficiency). Another practical option available for the Riva™ 66 Avanti inset fire is a ducting system that distributes some of the heat produced to other points in the same room or into other living spaces.

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Output to Room


Fuel Type


Stove Type

Non-Boiler, Insert

Colour & Finish

Black, Storm