Dimplex Westcott Inset

  • Multi-fuel inset stove suitable for burning wood and most approved, manufactured smokeless fuels
  • Tested and approved to European Standard EN13229
  • Tested heat output:
  • – 4.3kW (wood)
  • – 3.9kW (“Ancit” fuel)
  • Airwash system to maintain clear door glass
  • Double-skinned construction uses natural convection to gently circulate heated air around the room
  • Designed to be used in a standard 16″ fireplace opening
  • Can be installed without a flue-liner in a suitable, good-condition chimney
  • Supplied with a heat resistant mitten
  • Model No. WST4I
  • Specifications
  • Additional information

Product Features

No requirement for additional room ventilation
Constructional hearth required
Minimum distance to combustible materials
– Sides: 275mm
– Top: 295mm
Efficiency – 80.9% (wood)
75% (“Ancit” fuel)
Maximum log length – 200mm




Height – 598mm
Width – 538mm
Depth – 375mm
Inset Depth – 190mm

NB: refer to instructions for full details of specification and installation requirements. Installation should be carried out only by a suitably qualified individual and must comply with relevant Building Regulations.
Solid Fuel Stoves – Westcott Inset
Model Height (A)
Width (B)
Depth (C)
Net Weight
WST4I 598mm



Output to Room


Fuel Type


Stove Type

Non-Boiler, Insert

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