Boru 400F AshClear Stove

The Boru 400F, our first Boru stove to implement the exclusive new AshClear System. The Boru 400F eliminates the need for an ash-pan, and reduces the amount of work and mess when it comes to dealing with the ash from your stove.

The stove has 7.1kW output and includes as standard, Airwash and C02 Burn Technology. The easy to use Airwash makes sure that you have clear glass to enjoy the ambience created by the natural flames, and the C02 Burn Technology will ensure a full and clean burn by introducing extra oxygen into the firebox after the initial combustion. As well as the offer of an extended 5 year warranty, the Boru 400F has a lot to offer.

A hassle free, simple design that works with most standard ash vacuums, the AshClear System promises to make the problem of ash a thing of the past. Depending on the fuel being used, the AshClear System has the capacity to store up to 3 weeks of ash.

The AshClear System collects the ash from your stove, and then with any standard ash vacuum, you simply connect the vacuum to the ash collector and vacuum out the ash. It couldn’t be easier. With a great looking design and first class build quality; that you can expect from every Boru stove. The Boru 400F is the first in a next generation of stoves.

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