Barbas Energa 70/55 Tunnel

This modern built-in fire is fitted with a patented filter made of ceramic material with a micromesh structure, through which the flue gas is passed before leaving the fire and where the particulate is incinerated by the high temperatures. Thanks to the enormous heat reflection, the ceramic filter ensures a better combustion, which results in a higher output. The sponge-like
structure of the filter traps glowing fragments
and thus prevents chimney fires. In addition, the filter provides very good insulation, which means that the temperature in the chimney will be lower, making the surrounding area warmer, which in turn further increases the heat output

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Fuel Wood burner
Multi-fuel no
Certificates CE, Flamme Verte ★★★★★★★
Frame Frameless, 3-sided frame 35 mm., 4-sided frame 35 mm.
Door modern
Interior Vermiculite
Model Built-in (new situation)
Fire view Look-through
Weight (kg) 195
Output (kW) 10-25
Convection casing yes
Convection ventilator no
Microscopic dust [mg/m3] 26
CO (vol%) 0.10
Smoke-gas outlet/oxygen supply [Ø mm] 200-125
Efficiency (%) 79
System efficiency (%) 85
Max height wood logs (cm) 50
Storage drawer no
Log retainer extra height (option) no




Stove Type


Fuel Type


Output to Room

10kw – 25kw

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