Smart Burn Moisture Meter

Wood with a moisture content of more than 18% is not suitable for using as a heating source in your stove or fireplace as the moisture affects the burning process and much of the energy it creates is wasted on heating the water vapor in the log rather than heating your home.

This Irish designed moisture meter from IQ Design is known as the Smartburn and it will accurately detect the moisture level of your fire wood and indeed any other combustible materials that you use to heat your home.

This will mean that you can manage how you use your burning fuels more effectively and ultimately reap the full benefits of the materials that you use to heat your home.

  • Specifications
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  • Detects and measures the moisture level in wood and other burning fuels you use to heat your home.- Will measure moisture content from as low as 3% and as high a 40%.

    – Digital screen includes a build in microprocessed bar graph reading.

    – Includes an auto power off button and a low battery indicator.

    – Also includes a data hold button which always you to freeze the reading you have just taken.