Henley The Achill 21kW Boiler Insert Stove

The Achill Boiler Insert stove is the latest insert boiler stove to be added to the Henley Stoves range using the hugely popular Achill insert stove styling and finish. The Achill Boiler Insert stove provides up to 75% efficiency whilst heating your water and your home.
The Achill Boiler Insert stove supplies an impressive 15.9kW to the water and 5.1kW to the room.


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  • Power – 21kW (71,694BTU)
  • Boiler Option – Yes
  • Power to Water – 15.9kW (54,283BTU)
  • Power to Room – 5.2kW (17,412BTU)
  • Finish – Steel with Cast Iron Door
  • Self Cleaning (airwash) – Yes
  • Flue Location – Top
  • Flue Size – 6”
Colour Choice
WarrantyAirwashCleanburnCE Approved




Stove Type

Boiler, Insert

Fuel Type


Output to Room


Output to Water


Colour & Finish

Black, Blue, Green, Red