Henley The Achill 18kW Freestanding Boiler Stove

The Achill Freestanding stove is the first freestanding option for the ever growing Achill range. The stove has a superb finish and would suit people who prefer a freestanding stove option rather than an insert stove.
The Achill Freestanding stove is a boiler stove which provides an impressive 13.5kW to the water and 4.5kW to the room ensuring you and your family keep warm during the cold winter months.

  • Specifications
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  • Power – 18kW (61,452BTU)
  • Boiler Option – Yes
  • Power to Water – 13.5kW (46,089BTU)
  • Power to Room – 4.5kW (15,363BTU)
  • Finish – Steel with Cast Iron Door
  • Self Cleaning (airwash) – Yes
  • Flue Location – Top or Rear
  • Flue Size – 6”
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WarrantyAirwashCleanburnCE Approved




Stove Type

Boiler, Freestanding

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Output to Water