Boru 4kW Freestanding Dry Stove

The Boru 4 kW is the starter stove from Boru. It has a contemporary look that is not overwhelming. The Boru 4 kW  will suit most settings and styles. They say that beauty comes from within and that is the case with the Boru 4 kW freestanding stoves. They have a large viewing area of the fire making a normal winters evening into a romantic winters evening. As with all with Boru Stoves the 4kW is a multifuel stove and with its large glass it shows an unobstructed view of your fire.

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* Airwash system for cleaner glass
4 kW of heat
Multifuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel
Clean and easy external riddling system
Made In Ireland
*Airwash is the preheating of air and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass. This ensures a clear view of the fire.

Dimensions 331 x 434 x 494 mm
Flue 5″
Central Air Intake available? No
Boiler model available? No
Canopy option available? No
kW to the room 4kW
Glass size Old Size – 285 X 265mm New Size – 245 X 265mm

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